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Steel Tube Connectors


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Steel Tube Connection system linking together a plurality of tubes without welding, involving relatively low cost production and material costs. Building frame structures with these connectors allows for firm and strong connections to be made without the need for welding, grinding, drilling, jig fixtures and more importantly electricity supply.

The design of these durable external connectors is manufactured from an integral sheet metal stamping.

The square tube is clamped in between the two halves of the connector. The 2 halves are secured together with a galvanized 6mm hex screw and nut. The screws and nuts are only used to secure the halves and not intended to aid with the strength of the connector. The connector fits around the 25mm (1 inch) square tube providing stability and structural strength.

Because welding is eliminated, any assembly can be dismantled and rebuilt using the same connectors and tubes. This allows for all the materials used in the assembly to be re-used even on different structures so long as the tubes and connectors are not damaged during dismantling and re-assembling. Existing assemblies can be modified by simply releasing the connector, adjusting the length of the tube to suit and re-assemble.

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Cazabella Jewellery

From New York to Milan, Cazabella has been inspired to bring you the latest fashion from watches and handbags to costume jewellery and perfumes.

Cazabella‚Äôs jewellery range includes bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, chokers, head bands, rings and a children's range. Other products also includes Handbags, Fragrances and Wrist Watches.

Whether you strut the red carpet, glow in the candlelight of a romantic dinner, enjoy cocktails in lavish cosmopolitan lounges, share secrets at casual book clubs or play away, Cazabella will easily present you with glamour.

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Health and Beauty Products

SA Vitamins (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company. We manufacture and sell a wide range of health and sport nutritional products that we develop via different laboratories. SA Vitamins are the  exclusive distributors and or manufacturers of the following brand of products: Olinia Naturals, Swanson Vitamins, Bio-Nutrition, Skinteq and SAV products in South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique.

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Perfumes for Africa


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The generic perfumes and fragrance oils are imported from Europe to bring you a 100% oil based perfumes that smells like the original brand.

For the ladies there are over a 140 frangrances available to choose from. For the men there are almost 75 to choose from.

Elevation Feeds and Supplements

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Insurance Products

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